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Tips for Planning a Trip to Borneo

There are two independent terminals at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An intercontinental flight arrives at KLIA whereas a domestic flight with a low cost carrier departs at LCCT. There is no connection between KLIA and LCCT except public transport and taxis.

Low-cost carriers may not accept checked-in luggage from other airlines. Therefore, travelers who transit from an intercontinental flight need to claim their luggage first and check it in at the low-cost-carrier's terminal. E.g., AirAsia considers itself a point-to-point airline. Even with two connecting flights from the same carrier travellers need to claim the luggage after the first flight and check it in for the second flight.

Low-cost airlines in Asia may have severe restrictions on hand luggage.

In order to get a cheap flight not only low-cost airlines are an option. For instance, with the MHlow fare Malaysia Airlines sometimes offers cheaper tickets than low-cost airlines.

There are no direct flights to Borneo from Europe or US, therefore travelers must transit in Asia. Reviewing the timetables of the airlines below will help to identify possible links.

  • Borneo Airports

    Most common airports are linked to below:

    Borneo's airports in East-Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah): Bintulu (BTU)  Kota Kinabalu (BKI)  Kuching (KCH)  Labuan (LBU)  Miri (MYY)  Mulu (MZV)  Sandakan (SDK)  Sibu (SBW)

    Borneo's airports in Brunei: Brunei (BWN)

    Borneo's airports in Kalimantan, Indonesia: Balikpapan (BPN)  Banjarmasin (BDJ)  Pangkalanbun (PKN)  Pontianak (PNK)  Samarinda (SRI)



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    Cruise Providers with Destinations in Malaysia

    As an alternative to flying the following cruise operators offer opportunities to reach Malaysia.

  • Travelers usually do not consider cruise operators as they leave an impression of being luxurious and unaffordable. However, after trying it, many tourists become fans of traveling by cruise ship. They would not exchange a cruise ship with packed airplanes and unpleasant waiting times at airports. To get good bargains when dealing with cruise operators David Kirkland's Cruise Saving Guide! provides valuable knowledge for your first cruise