Mount Santubong

Jungle trekking in the tropical rainforest on Borneo, July 2009

Ascent of Mount Santubong Mount Santubong ascent
rope leather support ascent over steep passages Mount Santubong rope ladder

Combine Jungle trekking on Borneo with the experience of a summit victory! In the area around Kuching, Sarawak Mount Santubong (800m) offers itself as a mountaineering challenge. During good weather conditions, Mount Santubong is visible from Kuching with the naked eye. From the city centre, it takes about 45 minutes by car to reach the trail.

There are several opportunities to enter the summit trail. All of the entry points lie just above sea level. The trails close to Damai lead through less steep terrain. Only at 2/3 of the distance to the summit the trails merge into one summit trail. The climb leads through dense jungle of mostly steep woodland paths. Rope ladders are available on most peculiar steep passages and bridges are available for crossing small streams. In the event of heavy rainfall, hikers can change their cloth in shelters. However, as the rainfall may continue until the night hikers should not stay there too long. Regardless of the season, the biggest challenge lies in dealing with the heat and high humidity. Therefore, bring sufficient drinking water along, even if you do not necessarily want to reach the summit. The climb takes 2 to 2.5 hours at a brisk pace. Those who are not confident in their mountaineering performance in the tropical climate should plan for a day trip.

View from summit of Mount Santubong Mt. Santubong Summit - 800m above sea level
View from a lookout point View from a lookout point

After the jungle trekking experience the beach resorts in Damai offer a relaxing and quiet time for exhausted mountain climbers.